Our Identity

In our Welcome we stated that we are a group of imperfect people, trying to do what we think God wants us to do, and that we intend to be a friendly, family-orientedChrist-centered  group of believers. That’s true.

We could also be described as a conservative, mostly traditional, evangelical  local church. Further, we could also be described as an independent and fundamental local church. Let’s define these terms.

Family-oriented means we have something for people of every age (see Ministries tab). We have classes, groups, and activities for all ages, from Nursery to 95! We minister to the whole family.

Christ-centered means everything we do is to be built on, and around, and for our Lord and Savior. He is our Foundation and Head. He is to be foremost in all we do, and He alone is to be glorified.

Conservative and Blended refer to our doctrine, methods and manner of worship. Preaching and teaching the Word is a priority, and our music is a blend of contemporary and traditional hymns.

Evangelical comes from the Bible word for gospel, or “good news.” In Romans 1:16  Paul said “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.” Evangelicals and fundamentalists are not ashamed of Christ or His gospel, or any other essential truths of the Bible.  Rather, they uphold and defend them. (See Beliefs tab)

Independent simply means our church is not affiliated with, or a member of any organized “denomination.” That also means we are self-governing and self-supporting. We have business meetings and decide what we will do. Also our ministry and activities are financed by the free-will offerings of our own people.

Fundamental simply means that our church still holds to some very important Bible doctrines or beliefs. Some synonyms for fundamental are essential, central, integral or indispensable. Lately there has been some confusion about the word because it was associated with mid-eastern terrorists. That’s unfortunate and beyond our control. In American Christianity the word fundamental is associated with Bible truths, not terrorism!

We hope these explanations help. But we think the best way for someone to know what we are is to attend a Sunday morning service and see for themselves. You may contact us if you have questions.