We take the “Great Commission” (Matt. 28.18-20Acts 1.8) seriously.  We are to be a witness for Christ in Angelica, the surrounding region, and around the world.  We believe that New Testament “missions” is first and foremost starting new churches.  Therefore that is our priority in our missions program.  One quarter of our total income is designated for missions.  Last year that was nearly $37,000.  But God gave us income over what we anticipated, and we were able to give an extra $19,000 to various missions projects, for a total of over $56,000 in missions giving in 2018.  We support over 30 people serving all over the globe.  Recently we have made national pastors and missionaries a priority because they already know the language and culture well, and can immediately be an effective witness for Christ. 

This is a partial alphabetical listing of some of our missionaries, their respective boards and ministries.

Some that serve in potentially perilous locations or ministries have been omitted for their protection.

Individual/Couple Board Country & Ministry
Bob and Mariko Barley CMC Japan - church planter and pastor
Bill Bowen IPM International Representative  
Phil Coolbaugh BBFI Arab and Refugee Ministry in Toronto, Canada
Heather Fowler ABWE* Bangladesh - Surgeon and Primary Care Doctor at Hospital
Charlie and Gai Jewell BMM CAR, Africa - church leader; Bible Institute and Hospital
Nang Lyan Kap IPM Myanmar - national church planter and Timothy Bible Institute founder
Lloyd Larkin BMM Utah - church planter and pastor in predominantly Mormon area
Fady Maaloof IPM Lebanon - (details of ministry available from church office)
Haytham Nouri IPM Lebanon - local church staff
"Rock" Otekpola IPM Benin,  W. Africa- national church planter and pastor
Manuel Rosa IPM Spain - national church planter and pastor
Royden Saul IPM Haiti - national church and youth leader; Bible Institute teacher; Christian school
Paul and Erica Simone SonSet Radio technician for worldwide gospel broadcast ministry
Jonathan Spink ABWE* Chile - church planter in Iquique
Kerry Psinas IGM Grenada - local church ministries (our church supports 6 national pastors)
Cedric Wong IPM Hong Kong - national church pastor and Bible Institute founder

We also support a Children’s Home ministry, Lamoka Baptist Camp,  Radio Bible Class & Shepherd’s Home, and give offerings to few special projects around the globe every year.  Locally we also support both Wellspring Ministries (with finances and staffing for meals) and Works of Divine Mercy.

* Our church voted on Oct. 20, 2013 not to consider addtional ABWE missionaries for future support.  For more information call 466-7644.